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General Admission Collection | 18 EXCLUSIVE erotic audios

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A collection of erotic audios from my General Admission Patreon tier!


  • 15 audios ranging from 10 to 25 minutes long
  • 2 extra exclusive audios for free
  • Text file containing the audio list & tags
  • My everlasting gratitude and good vibes

If you were to purchase these audios separately, they'd cost around $90! So bundle up and save some bucks.


You're Tipsy, Let Me Take Care Of You

Fucking Your Hot Tattoo Artist

Fucking A Hot French Tourist

This Is Why You Married Me

Tsundere Blacksmith Totally Doesn’t Love Adventuring, Don't Be Silly

Welcome To The Pack

Hooking Up With Your Hot New Coworker

Tourists In The Forest

Unfinished Business

Snowed In With Your Sister In Law

Work BFF Fucks You In The Conference Room

Your Gorgeous Wife Wakes You Up To Breed Her

Reality Bites

Surprise Sex With A Sweet Slut At The Library

Sexy Evening With Your Giantess GF

Punishing The Bratty Babysitter

Hooking Up With The Naughty Girl Next Door

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General Admission Collection | 18 EXCLUSIVE erotic audios

0 ratings
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